Visiting Sheffield Community Acupuncture for the first time 

"I didn't know what to expect, I actually found it quite relaxing"  Brian  

 Before You Arrive 

  • Expect to stay for up to 1 hour

  • Wear loose clothing 

  • Have something to eat before you come​

"I was a bit worried about the needles, but they didn't hurt"  Kiana 

The Clinic

  • There are three steps up to the clinic

  • We will chat about your issues  

  • Your pulse and tongue may be checked 

  • The practitioner will carry out an examination 

  • Your acupuncturist will agree a treatment plan with you

"It felt a bit odd sticking my tongue out, but they explained that it helps them to find out what's wrong"  Susie 


  • Your comfort, safety and well-being are always our priority

  • Very fine, sterile, single use needles are inserted, usually about 20  

  • You will be left to relax with the needles in for about 20 minutes 

  • The acupuncturist is always nearby if you need assistance 

  • Needles can be adjusted or removed if you feel any discomfort 

"It was reassuring to know, that I could get in touch with the acupuncturist if I was worried about the after effects"   Amanda  


  • You may feel a bit sleepy for an hour or so  

  • Stay hydrated 

  • Your acupuncturist may give you diet and lifestyle advice   

  • Your journey to healing will have begun 

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