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Chris Crockford

Co-Founder of Sheffield Community Acupuncture

I’m an acupuncturist specialising in emotional and physical pain. I’ve worked with people in a variety of settings as a healthcare professional and leader. 

Originally from Wiltshire, the land of Stonehenge and all that. Sheffield took me in and gave me so much, now I’m trying to put something back in.

Making a difference is important to me. I worked for over thirty years for the Red Cross and co-founded a company that provided welfare services at large events.

I changed my career to acupuncture because it has such a potential to help people. Seeing the impact that we can have on our patient’s lives makes every day a pleasure.

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I run the clinic with Sarah, not everybody could work with their partner, however for me it’s the best!


Helping to train the next generation of acupuncturist’s the NCA in York is extremely satisfying. We do this together as well! It helps us to develop our skills as well as theirs, so everyone wins (though we’re not always so popular when students get their marks!).

To relax I love nothing more than being outdoors in nature, be it walking, cycling or travelling. Our border collie, Samson, is very happy about this.

Apart from Sarah, my other big love is music. Whatever genre, I’m always willing to have a chat about that. 

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Medicine is intention. Those who are proficient at using intention are good doctors.
Sun Simiao (founder of Chinese Medicine)

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